My Post 9-5 “Fix”

My Post 9-5 “Fix”

DIY Home Design

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Private: About Dani B

Private: About Dani B

What I do post my 9-5


About Dani B

I live in Chicago and have a career in finance but Post my 9-5, my creative outlet is updating my loft-style city condo. I come up with budget friendly solutions and creative ideas for home upgrades.

Most of my projects are completed during the work week so that I can de-stress and enjoy my weekends. Hence the “Post 9-5 Fix”.


Affordable upgrades

Most of the flips and renovations we see on tv are simply not realistic on budget and timelines. People are searching for smaller scale DIY projects they can afford to makeover their homes. I do my own research and explore copy-cat ideas to achieve a designer look within budget.

Interior Design Nerd


I combine my eye for interior design and problem solving skills to find the best solutions for my projects. I took a course on interior design and made it to the State of Illinois Interior Design Competition and won First Place 🏆! I learned how to design floorplans in CAD, historical origins of interior design styles, common decorating principles and my favorite – the hands on projects like furniture upholstery and styling a room.

Need DIY Home Upgrade ideas?


That was me! Buying a place in the city had always been a dream of mine. Being in the finance profession, I find it important to choose value over turn key when building equity. The place needed some major TLC, and I was excited to get to call the shots on updates and design. With property value on the rise, my condo located at the heart of west loop in Chicago had so much potential.


This blog offers solutions for easy DIY home repairs

With a lot of research, I’ve learned how to complete minor repairs and renovations myself. The estimates I got quoted for some of the needed repairs were so high! But it cost me a fraction of the price to DIY. I share my experiences and knowledge with you in my posts.

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Happy Fixing, Dani